Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

My First 2 Weeks With Wealthy Affiliate

Joining Wealthy Affiliate

I joined Wealthy Affiliate approximately 2 weeks ago. One of my previous posts explained all about why I joined. I started out as a free or starter member. Wealthy Affiliate has a great community with everyone willing to help and answer your questions. Encouragement is offered by all and the owners Kyle and Carson are available to help you as well. Once joining you are able to set up your profile and goals. Now it’s time to begin your training. I know a little about affiliate marketing, but it’s just enough to scratch the surface.


I upgraded to the premium membership. See all the benefits here. You can also see the free vs premium here.  Wealthy Affiliate offers two training programs. The Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp.   I began with the Online Entrepreneur Certification program. This training program walks you step by step through how to start an affiliate marketing business. It’s great for people like me that are new to affiliate marketing. There are 4 basic steps to the training. Each step goes into more detail in the course.

  1. Select A Niche. The first step is to select your niche. What is a niche? A niche is a distinct segment of a market or your audience. It should be something you are interested in, a hobby, or a passion. It could also be something you want to learn about. I have several topics that I am interested in. They are home decor, health and wellness, beauty, and travel. Those subjects are very broad and need to be broken down even further. A niche in beauty could be eye shadow, or lipstick. We are taught to work with one niche. I have chosen candles as a niche. Others may follow.
  2. Build A Website. The next step is to build your website. Wealthy Affiliate uses siterubix for building and hosting our WordPress websites. There are 2 options to building a website, depending on if you are a free or premium/premium plus member. The free website will have the domain name ending with Your website and hosting is free. For premium members you can build and host up to 10 websites and your own domain. A premium plus member can have up to 50. You will choose a domain name, a website name, a design or template through WordPress. This is all easier than you think. I have 2 websites up and running. They are both indexed with Google, along with a few of my posts.
  3. Create Content. Time to create content for your website. First, let me say that you do not have tobe a writer to write content. You will just communicate with your audience. Within the training is a platform Site Content. There are some templates available to help you with organizing thoughts
    Wealthy Affiliate
    LMercadal1 Site Content

    and ideas. An About Me will be one of your first posts. We are also taught how to make your content SEO friendly. Learn how to use keywords and keyword searches. Jaaxy is used to help with keywords. All the training mentioned here has happened in Level 1 of the course. There are a total of 5 levels containing a total of 50 lessons for premium members.

  4. Earning Revenue. The next lessons teach how to attract traffic and earn revenue.

My Progress

In the 2 weeks I have been with Wealthy Affiliate, I have learned so much more about affiliate marketing. I am currently on Level 3 in the Online Entrepreneur Certification. I have built 2 websites that are both indexed on Google. 2 of my posts are also indexed on Google. I have referred 2 affiliates to Wealthy Affiliates so far.

I am definitely not a writer, but I am enjoying sharing the posts. I never thought I would be interested in having a type of blog. I see myself as sharing information about the things I like. Now that I have my feet wet with affiliate marketing, I am eager to continue.

Thank you for reading!!

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